The ‘Big Baby’ Blues

Hi, I'm Sophie and I've birthed a 10lb 10oz baby. A war story I'm now incredibly proud of, but that hasn't always been the case... As a nation we're obsessed with weight - how fat someone is, how thin someone is - how much weight we're gaining, how much weight we're not losing. It sometimes [...]


Evelyn is my beautiful, clever, happy / sometimes Devil incarnate toddler - who I love (along with her brother) more than life itself. Next week, we'll be celebrating her second birthday with a terrifyingly shit Peppa Pig cake I've cobbled together, and the whole Baby Annabel section of the Argos catalogue. But... Evelyn shouldn't really be [...]

F**k You, Wrinkles

Wrinkles are my (fairly) new arch nemesis... especially the ones on my forehead - which are beginning to get so deep I'm worried I'll start finding things in there, like the TV remote, a cat, old coins - that sort of thing. My husband tells me not to worry - they're just 'laughter lines', but [...]


PREGNANCY One of the main differences between your first and second pregnancy is that nobody really gives a hoot... That's right, you've done it once before - what do you want, a medal? When I fell pregnant with my second baby, hubs and I were super excited about the prospect of reliving sneezy wees once [...]

Smell of You – A Parenting Parody

Recently downloaded the new Ed Sheeran album and got a certain song stuck in my head, which, as it happens, lent itself quite nicely to a parenting parody. Sleepless nights, Tom Hardy, group peeing, Spanx, and Dairylea - here we go... First video up on my new 'Tired 'N Tested TV' channel - more in the [...]