Weaning Week – Competition!

It's funny, with Jack I was super keen to get him onto solids - it was almost a competition between all the other mums as to who was going to have their kitchen pebble dashed with Weetabix first. Come second baby, I was secretly hoping I'd be able to keep her on milk until she [...]

One has split One’s V to her A…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed their third child into the world – with Kate birthing a healthy 8lb 7oz baby boy, after a five hour labour. The joyful news was gratefully received by hundreds of waiting journalists - most of which silently thanked Kate’s efficient ‘third baby faff’ for sparing them from [...]

The ‘Big Baby’ Blues

Hi, I'm Sophie and I've birthed a 10lb 10oz baby. A war story I'm now incredibly proud of, but that hasn't always been the case... As a nation we're obsessed with weight - how fat someone is, how thin someone is - how much weight we're gaining, how much weight we're not losing. It sometimes [...]


Evelyn is my beautiful, clever, happy / sometimes Devil incarnate toddler - who I love (along with her brother) more than life itself. Next week, we'll be celebrating her second birthday with a terrifyingly shit Peppa Pig cake I've cobbled together, and the whole Baby Annabel section of the Argos catalogue. But... Evelyn shouldn't really be [...]

The Family Vacay – Part One

Holiday! Celebrate! Fuck off Madonna - you've obviously never been trapped on a Ryan Air flight for four hours with two screaming, head butting, slightly poo covered children who are hell bent on seat kicking, vomiting, and trying to fly the plane. With only a pack of soggy rice cakes, an iPad with 10% battery, [...]

First Baby Vs Second Baby: Part Two

In families with multiple children, second child syndrome (SCS) is a common occurrence - as a younger child myself I have often accused my parents of loving my older sister more than me. I've counted up the photos on the wall and whined because there are two more of her than there are of me... [...]


PREGNANCY One of the main differences between your first and second pregnancy is that nobody really gives a hoot... That's right, you've done it once before - what do you want, a medal? When I fell pregnant with my second baby, hubs and I were super excited about the prospect of reliving sneezy wees once [...]

Smell of You – A Parenting Parody

Recently downloaded the new Ed Sheeran album and got a certain song stuck in my head, which, as it happens, lent itself quite nicely to a parenting parody. Sleepless nights, Tom Hardy, group peeing, Spanx, and Dairylea - here we go... First video up on my new 'Tired 'N Tested TV' channel - more in the [...]

How to Get Through Labour With Your Balls Intact

Men, listen up and take note. Childbirth has a great knack of changing even the most sane of women into braying, hissing, foul-mouthed creatures who will happily take a swing at you for breathing incorrectly. Whether it's your first time in the delivery suite, or fifth - here's a little guide on how to support [...]