Weaning Week – Competition!

It’s funny, with Jack I was super keen to get him onto solids – it was almost a competition between all the other mums as to who was going to have their kitchen pebble dashed with Weetabix first. Come second baby, I was secretly hoping I’d be able to keep her on milk until she was at least 18… I knew what was coming, and it wasn’t pretty.

My pureeing, blending, mulching, scraping, and hosing down days are now finally coming to an end – soon I’ll be home free, no more will I mistakenly plop a frozen cube of prunes into my gin and tonic…

For anyone still living in smushed up spinach and sweet potato hell – I’ve got a treat for you! Here’s a little competition to win a fab bundle of nifty weaning products, guaranteed to help get you on your way.

There’s the ingenious Tidy Tot Bib & Tray set that battles mealtime mess, Baby Cups that address early oral health problems, Tum Tum leak-proof sippy cups, Doddl cutlery sets to support independent feeding, and Fill n Squeeze DIY pouches to fill with homemade food for when you’re out and about. Plus a cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed, the Award Winning Author of the Flavour-led Weaning Cookbook. 

To enter, comment below with your top weaning tips – or funniest meal-time fails! Good luck!

Terms and conditions

UK Entrants Only

One Winner to be chosen at random

Winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of competition end

Winner will be announced on the participating brand’s media channels

No cash alternative

This competition is not endorsed by Facebook/Instagram or Twitter

Competition ends 23.59, 14th May 2018


11 thoughts on “Weaning Week – Competition!

  1. Louise Arthur says:

    When you think the child is doing great with the baby led weaning, to discover the dog is actually getting most of it when your back is turned and licking the baby’s fingers clean to put!

  2. Sarah Jones says:

    TOP TIP ladies and gents of the weaning world. Especially the BLW-ers. Never bath your kids before dinner. I did this. Faiiilllll. So I give my, at the time, 8 month old daughter a mixture of veggies, chicken and mash. The mash she used as some sort of hair product, massaging it into her near shoulder length ringlets. Yeahhhh,no way was I bathing the splash monster again. Washed her hair over the kitchen sink and she smelled like buttery mash for a week.

  3. Jane Bellard says:

    When our first was weaning we lived in a rented flat with beige carpets. Recipe for disaster if there ever was one right? We bought a huge wax table cloth to go under the high chair which was great when he dropped food but inevitably anything with any staining capabilities would be hoyed beyond the boundary.

    My son also learned to blow raspberries the day I introduced apple and blackberry purée. Good times. It was a cross between hungry hippos and a scene from Dexter. If only I had thought to cover our room head to toe in polythene sheeting like he does! They do great bibs for babies but where are the grown up ones?

  4. Abigail Menzies says:

    I’m weaning my second one and it doesn’t get easier! The best week we had was on holiday with a buffet – baby lead weaning heaven!!

  5. Laura Tracey says:

    1. Give up on ever having a clean floor again for the next 8 months….
    2. Give up on ever having clean clothes (altho this lasts we’ll beyond the first bit of weaning !!)…
    3. Practise for this joyous experience in advance by going to loads of effort in making gorgeous food fit for a king, but then promptly tip the bowl (with extreme force) all over the floor/ windows/ cat….you get my drift
    4. Also prepare by putting pits of weetabix/ stuff that hardens like glue in your hair just after you’ve washed it .

    It’s my second time round in a few months too…am sooo looking forward to it!!!?

  6. Hannah Rodrigues says:

    Feeling pretty impressed with how sons first try of mashed carrot was going, to look over and see my toddler quietly painting her arms and face with yoghurt ?

  7. Laura Taylor says:

    Alway clean the weetabix up straight away otherwise it hardens to some adamantium-like substance. I’m still working on a bit from 2 years ago with my first and now I’m weaning my second ! Hahaha!

  8. Kim says:

    My biggest tip for blw is to use a tidy tot tray! I love mine and it’s quick to clean up especially as my boy doesn’t like sitting in his chair for long after the food has all gone! Also no mushed food between their legs and the chair! Unfortunately my baby has broken one of the suckers and he now likes to spin the tray around his chair flinging food in all directions! 😀

  9. Rachel Tichband says:

    Put a mat on the floor so the food doesn’t get in the cracks.
    I don’t always bother with a bib at dinner if my son’s clothes are already dirty. Why create extra washing ?

  10. Gemma Wozniak says:

    I thought I’d try baby led weaning for my second as I didn’t think I’d have time to boil and purée all of her food, like I had for my eldest. Little did I know that I now spend more time cleaning up after meal times than I did when I puréed the food!

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