To Blog, or Not to Blog

I’ve been dithering for a while about starting this blog… Do I have time? Do I have the inclination and do people really care what a 30 something, stay at home mum of two has to say? Probably not but I’ve decided I need a hobby, other than Duplo and bum wiping, so I’m going to bite the blogging bullet and give it a go.

Why Tired ‘n Tested? Well, I’m constantly tired (due to an insomniac one year old and hyperactive four year old) and I’m always tested to the brink of my patience, and sanity (due to aforementioned children, plus a badly behaved dog) – so it was an obvious choice.

As well as food, beauty reviews and ideas to help keep the little sprogs entertained come rain or shine, I’m also going to write about the many highs and many lows of looking after little people (children, not the vertically challenged). I’m talking about hearing their first words, seeing them take their first steps etc etc; but i’m also on about picking vomitty, curdled milk out of your bra or asking your partner to sniff your hand because, even after all that scrubbing, you can still smell baby poo.

Parenting takes its toll on your heart, mind and face (“Mummy, what are those lines on your head?”) and is a real combination of pure love and joy, mixed with stress, frustration and an overwhelming desire to annihilate Peppa Pig (fortunately that’s the one thing the dog and I agree on).

I’m a massive believer in being able to laugh at yourself in order to survive certain situations, so that’s kind of the premise behind most of my posts.

If you have kids then this little blog of mine might just raise a knowing smile to your lips and if you don’t, it might send you running for the hills. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “To Blog, or Not to Blog

  1. ccrainbowflower says:

    I have already smiled at your post I too can’t stand peppa pig now either or Bing, Teletubbies and Twirleywoos and I may not have a badly behaved dog but my two cats are quite mischievous at times. I look forward to reading more 😊

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