Peppa’s Pancakes

Happy pancake day! Officially the best day of the year.

Do you have a little one who loves Peppa Pig? Want to earn some mega brownie points, or at the very least, an hour off having to watch that painfully annoying little piggy?

If you want to put smiles on little faces, without putting holes in their teeth then these yummy little Peppa pancakes tick all the boxes. Fun, fairly healthy and they really are rather easy to make.

For the batter, you’ll need

  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 300ml milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • Butter (for frying)

To decorate, you’ll need

  • A handful of raisins
  • Couple pots of strawberry or raspberry fromage frais
  • Tablespoon of icing sugar

You’ll also need a little piece of baking paper

  1. First off, sketch a rough Peppa-esque shape onto the baking paper. Here she is – I’m sure she’s etched permanently onto your brain, but just in case you can’t remember the finer details of her smug little face…


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You literally just want the outline of her oddly shaped head. Once drawn, cut inside the lines so that you have a template to fill with batter (see below for a pic if that’s as clear as mud)

2. Make your batter:

Sieve and weigh the flour, add the salt and then make a well for the eggs in the middle. Add the eggs, whisk them into the flour and then add the milk little by little until you have a smooth batter

Leave to rest for about half an hour, if you have the time

3. Over a medium heat – add a dollop of butter into a shallow frying pan. Once melted drop the template in and press down with a utensil of your choice, preferably not fingers


4. In a scene right out of Master Chef, I used a gigantic Lucozade sports bottle (other sports drinks are available) so that I could control the flow of the batter into the template. Anything squeezey will do – perhaps an old baby bottle you have laying around?


5. Using your high-tech chefy contraption trace the inner edges of the template with the batter, once set, flood the remaining part of the template


6. Leave for a minute to firm up and brown slightly, then lift edges of template and gently remove. If this has gone to plan then you should have a nice Peppa head shape – if it hasn’t then you might end up with Daddy Pig after he’s been on a bender



7. Flip over and add some batter ears to the top of the head. Turn out onto a plate, once browned


8. Grab a teaspoon of fromage frais and create a cheek, mouth and two nostrils. If you don’t want to use yoghurt then try decorating with pink or red fruit of your choice!


9. Mix the tablespoon of icing sugar with a drop of water so that you have a thick paste

10. Plop two small blobs of the icing sugar mix onto the face to create eyes and then add two raisins for pupils


Et voila! Your very own Peppa Pig pancakes. Why not add a dash of pink food colouring to the batter for extra pigginess, or mushed up raspberries?

Once the kids have had their fill, the leftovers are yours – take great pleasure in cutting into them veeeeeeeerrrrrry slowly with a sharp instrument (or blunt, depending on your hatred levels).




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