After hearing about the awful incident in Manchester late last night, I tearfully headed up to bed with a heavy heart and an overwhelming desire to hug my children like they’ve never been hugged before.

I constantly whinge about my insomniac offspring, but, on this occasion, as I watched their tiny little bodies sleep peacefully in their beds I was desperate for them wake up so I could tell them how much mummy loved them.

My wish was granted all too soon as I accidentally trod on the myriad of squeaky floor boards in my youngest’s bedroom. That was that, the meerkat was awake and screaming the house down. Secretly a little delighted, I scooped up that little ball of rage and plonked her in bed between my husband I for the ultimate, snotty, tear-ridden snuggle-fest.

And, as she cried uncontrollably because her stupid elephant-footed mother had woken her up – I cried with her. I cried for all the parents out there who had lost their babies, and who would now never have the chance to say ‘I love you’ that one last time. I cried for lives lost, potential unfulfilled and for the sheer senseless, madness of it all. How dare this person steal the lives of so many, and so upsettingly, the most beautiful and innocent of all – children.

But I also cried for the future of all of our kids, and the terrifying world they’re going to be growing up in. As a child of the 80’s – I grew up in a time where the biggest threat to children’s safety was ‘stranger danger’ or not looking both ways when crossing the road (stop, look and listen guys).

I’m currently fighting the urge to lock my children in the house permanently so they can never be harmed, see evil or experience pain – but I know, deep down, this is not going to be a viable long-term option (mainly because social services would seriously frown upon it). All too soon my little people are not going to be so little, and they’ll be wanting to go out on their own to visit large shopping centres, sporting grounds and concert arenas – and it scares the life out of me.

My heart goes out to the victims, families, and all those caught up in last night’s atrocities in Manchester. We are a great nation, thankfully filled with mostly kind-hearted and wonderful individuals – the courage of all of those who helped yesterday and will continue to do so through the coming weeks, months and years prove that.

It’s not about race or religion – it’s about monsters and murderers. Don’t let them win.




*Image courtesy of www.handluggageonly.co.uk

3 thoughts on “#MANCHESTER

  1. Holy Guacamole and other stories says:

    I have a different view when things like this happen. Yes I want to keep her safe but ultimately I want to bring her up to be kind, tolerant, welcoming and open minded. I want her to see the good in people and love everyone. Then I want her to go out bravely into the world and try and change it, even just a little bit.
    It’s our duty as parents to make sure the next generation are not full of hate and that they stand united against terror.
    Much love for you and for Manchester.

  2. MadDadSkillz says:

    I’ve been avoiding a lot of blogs on this topic. I resisted commenting myself, just couldn’t put it in words.
    For some reason I was drawn to yours this evening and I really like what you’ve posted. Like us all you’ve kept your sense of humour while crying inside.
    Well done.

    • Sophie McCartney says:

      That’s really sweet, thank you. I really debated about posting anything, had a ‘funny’ one scheduled in that I decided to postpone until it felt right. After a lot of thinking, I just went with literally what was running through my head – how much I loved my babies. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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