F**k You, Wrinkles

Wrinkles are my (fairly) new arch nemesis… especially the ones on my forehead – which are beginning to get so deep I’m worried I’ll start finding things in there, like the TV remote, a cat, old coins – that sort of thing. My husband tells me not to worry – they’re just ‘laughter lines’, but I’m dubious… I live on zero sleep, have hair like a Rock Hopper penguin, and have a high dependancy on carbs – life currently ain’t that funny. If it’s true and my LOL a minute lifestyle is to blame, I’m somewhat terrified… could I only be one chuckle away from looking like Gordon Ramsay?

So what are my options here? Botox, fillers, acupuncture, potions, lotions, semen facials (yeah, apparently that’s a thing… best not mention it to your other half though, “I think you’ve got a new wrinkle love, want me to err…?), or just a big, fat, Claudia Winkleman fringe? I’m tempted by the Botox (and NOT the semen facial) – but I’m a little terrified of the prospect of eyebrow paralysis as I like being able to shoot a quality death stare at my kids (how I got the majority of my wrinkles)… A fringe would be the most natural approach, but I’ve dabbled in the past and learnt a few  crucial lessons:  a) They need serious maintenance – not a can of Batiste in the morning, b) They go wrong 80% of the time – absolute confidence in your hairdresser is a must, and c) They make my nose look like a penis.  YES, there will be those who say I shouldn’t care about my wrinkles, that I should grow old gracefully – these are people who have never had a child shout, “Mummy, what are those big lines on your head?” in a packed, yet deadly quiet, doctor’s waiting room. FFS.

Bottom line, along with the majority of the female population, I don’t fancy this whole ageing malarkey – which is probably why the anti-ageing market will be estimated at approx 220 billion USD by 2021.

So, as a kind of public service to you all (and my forehead) I’m going to start rating and reviewing some products that are apparently meant to reduce, disguise, fill, and flummox those f**king furrows once and for all.

So here we go…first on the list:

The Product

CLARINS Instant Smooth, Perfecting Touch

The Price

Price: £26.50 (15ml)

The Claim

‘The modern, magic make-up base that smoothes away the look of fine lines, enlarged pores and imperfections instantly! Use alone or before foundation on areas of concern.’

First impression

A little on the small side… quite a lot of glass jar to actual product ratio… Comes complete with a little plastic trowel thingy, so from what I can work out, it’s basically like a posh Polyfiller.

The Review

As directed, I only used it on the areas I felt needed ‘filling in’ (get your minds out of the gutter) – so aimed it straight at my fod, followed by some nose pores for good measure. The texture is very much like a balm, silky to the touch and it almost melts into your skin as you apply it. I have to say, a little definitely goes a long way with the ‘Instant Smooth’ – making me feel somewhat better about the size of the jar in comparison to it’s price tag – it’ll last me yonks (dependent on how naughty my children are, and how that impacts Ramsay’s ridges).

After moisturising, I applied the ‘Instant Smooth’ to my troublesome areas with the supplied spatula / trowel device – but ditched it 10 seconds later in favour of the old ‘finger in the pot’ smear technique (much less fiddly). I waited a couple of minutes for it to set a little, then applied my foundation.

The Verdict

Before…(no foundation)

… After (no foundation)

Well I have to say, within seconds of applying the base, my skin looked smoother and my wrinkles were definitely less visible! The temptation is to just keep slapping on the ‘Instant Smooth’, very much like how you’d ganache a cake – but the more you put on, the less effective it seems to be… Too thick and it’ll show in your foundation and make your wrinkles look worse – it’s a fine balance!

Would I recommend it? Overall, yes, I would! I don’t think £26.50 is too bad for a product that’s going to last you a good six months plus (based on how much I used, but each to their own…). It’s a quick fix for fairly fine wrinkles, and if you’re a ‘less is more’ kind of gal who is brave enough to face the world make-up free (I am not) then it’s brilliant! If, like myself, you’re a ‘more is more’ kind of gal and can’t step out the house without full war paint then it’s still good – just not quite as effective.

The Score

A solid 4 out of 5!

So there you have it – go forth and fill!

You can buy the CLARINS ‘Instant Smooth’ from www.clarins.co.uk, and in most decent outlets with makeup counters (I’m also linking to Boots so you can get your advantage point cards and stock pile for a free ‘Meal Deal’). http://www.boots.com/clarins-instant-smooth-perfecting-touch-15g-10051000

Please note, this review is my own honest opinion on this product, I have not been paid for this content. All wrinkles, frizzy hair, and un-plucked eyebrows are indeed my own.




4 thoughts on “F**k You, Wrinkles

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this Sophie, I’m 31 and starting to see it happen, and like you I’m not one to go bare faced, but saying that, sometimes makeup can make look worse >< I will give this cream a try!!

    Your one awesome mummy, and beautiful lady. Your a huge inspiration to us Mum's everywhere!
    If your ever in Devon, I will treat you to cream teas!

    • Sophie McCartney says:

      Ahh thanks Jennifer! They just creep up on you when you’re least expecting it (wrinkles, and kids!). Cream tea sounds lovely!x

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